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Sunday, February 17, 2008

I am married....

Ok.. the change in my life is that , i am married... got married last july.... thoroughly enjoyed the wedding... had great fun with my cousins.... well the pic is you see is the place where we all stayed during the wedding....

I am back...

Hey guys....

I am back... not that any of you guys are waiting for me to write but still.. i am back.. i finally was able to get hold the password of this account...so..hopefully i am going to post more blogs...see you all in a while...


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Morris Library

I dont usually go to the university library. In my field of work i dont see a reason why i should go to the library except for doing a story or something like that. Right from my bachelors i could never picture myself sitting in the library and reading a whole lot of books. I dont like reading at all. I have never read novels in my life till now. I don't understand how people can sit in one place and read books like harry potter. ( The book is so damn thick..!@#@!)

Coming back to my library story, this is my fourth visit to the library. The students are allowed to check out Dell lap tops. The last three times that i came here, i did nothing except waste time on the internet browsing some stupid websites. This time i said to myself i would actually search for books and order it and read. I did that. I searched for books in research area and requested them at the circulation desk. Went down to the circulation desk and told the pretty american girl that i have ordered for some books and if she could get it for me.

Now being a new visitor to the library i did not knew that it would take at least 4 hours to take a book. ( This is because of the renovation taking place inside the library) i returned back empty handed. ( Of course after doing some chit chat with the pretty american girl & finding out her major n why she is working on a sunday and vagaira vagaira...). Now i want to study but books nahin hain..kya karen tho socha kyon nahin blog likhthay hain..so thats how this post came up..
ok now comments please............. thank you..!!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I love thursdays

Thursday i think is the best day of the week. I dont have anything to do. I have a class at 11. There is nothing much to do that for that class, no reading no assignments nothing. I hate tuesdays and wednesdays...Tuesdays because i have to do my assignments for my classes on wednesday and everytime i end up doing in the last minute and i hate it...and i hate wednesdays because i have two full blown solid classes, both of them have a lot of work to do. The evening class is the most boring.... its called " Qualitative research" and its definitely not for me.. I have to read like 50-60 pages every week which i cannot... I have never read a novel in my life and my prof expects me to read all this...
The climate has been really good. It's spring time. We had our class outside yesterday. For the first time the class looked interesting as it was outside and i could just watch the trees , cars and ofourse pretty girls go by....
ok that was lot of tuesdays wednesdays and thursdays...sorry about that...

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Rang De..Definitely

Yesterday i travelled two and half hours to watch Rang De Basanthi and the movie was worth more than that. Some of my room mates had downloaded an online version of it but i never wanted to watch it. I had decided that if at all i am going to watch the move , i would definitely watch it on big screen.
5 of us rented out a car and went St louis to watch it.
The movie was well made , some really good editing ( the open sequence ) and the movie i thought did not exaggerate much. Over all its amazing,awesome and it rocks. will definitely would wanna watch it again.
Later guys..

Thursday, January 26, 2006